Catholic Educators’ Conference

Content Available through November 6, 2020


WHY?  The Catholic Educators’ Conference is designed to enlighten the flame of God in those who are called to teach the faith in our Diocese.  These members of the Body of Christ are called to echo Jesus to all they meet.

“Catechists are people who keep the memory of God alive; they keep it alive in themselves and they are able to revive it in others.” Pope Francis

WHAT? We teach faith and love and joy and hope.  We teach math and science.  We teach prayer and perseverance.  We teach what Jesus taught us.

“You teach what Jesus taught, you instruct adults and help parents to raise their children in the faith, and you bring the joy and hope of eternal life to all.  Thank you for your dedication, your example, your closeness to God’s people in their daily lives, and all the many ways you plant and nurture the seeds of faith throughout this vast land.  Thank you especially for teaching our children and young people how to pray.” Pope Francis

HOW? We do this by learning and sharing best practices in our field.  We collaborate and inspire each other.  We gather at the Catholic Educators’ Conference to be fed for the journey, so that we may respond to God with the fullness of faith.

“Catechists are people who keep the memory of God alive; they keep it alive in themselves and they are able to revive it in others”  Pope Francis


Please take a moment and fill out this post event survey.  We take seriously all feedback we get on events and use it in our planning not only for a future CEC but other opportunities to gather and present needed resources and content to our Diocese.  Thank you.

CEC Evaluation

Annual Retreat Certification Requirement

This year you can use the Retreat with Becky (part 1&2) or the Retreat with Fr. Julio for the retreat certification requirement.


Certification Workshops

Please record attendance of these certification workshops on the appropriate certification application. This year no post viewing document is required. Contact Jackie Hopper for more information.

Certification Workshops

Professional Development Credit

One credit is available through NNU.  Go to  to register.  Registration and reflections must be submitted to Sarah Quilici by October 31, 2020.

Please see the relection journal more information. 

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Addy Wissel

Associate Professor, Director of School Counseling

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Deacon Scott Pearhill

Pastoral Associate, Holy Spirit Catholic Church

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Father Jose Ramirez

Pastor at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church

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Jodee Blanco

National author and speaker on the subject of bullying

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Joe Melendrez

National Speaker, Musician, Entrepreneur

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Margie Gabiola

Catholic School Teacher

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CEC 2020 All Access Ticket


This registration gives you access to an electronic reflection booklet, all content and workshops until November 6, 2020.  We are happy to have you registered for ALL Access!